Preventing Orphan Wildlife: A Success Story


Last week, two young Cooper’s hawks were brought to our Northeast Ohio district office in Akron. These two spilled from a large conifer that was felled in a suburban yard, but luckily, both birds were completely unharmed. Despite thoroughly studying the tree for a few days prior to the cutting, the nest had not been seen.

The homeowner wanted to help and cooperated with ODNR Division of Wildlife staff in building an artificial nesting platform that was ultimately placed high up in a nearby beech tree. Without hesitation, the Copley Fire Department immediately arrived on scene and carefully installed the new nest, safely placing the two youngsters in their new home.

Less than two hours later, mom and dad returned to the nest and promptly started feeding the babies. We would like to thank the Medina Raptor Center for expert guidance, and the Copley Fire Department for their wonderful cooperation with this story of success!

We should always remember the importance of keeping young wildlife in the wild, where they belong. Learn more about the steps you can take to prevent orphaned and injured wildlife, and get tips on what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation:

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