Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Apr 26, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Apr 26, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

April 25
Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Johnson Avenue in Mount Vernon on a possible disturbance. The complainant called in stating that a verbal argument occurred between him and his live-in girlfriend and items were broken inside the residence. Deputies were able to determine that the incident was only verbal and no charges would be filed. The two individuals were separated for the evening and warned about their conduct.

A complainant contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding a disturbance. Deputies arrived and a report was taken for documentation.

Unit 1 was traveling eastbound on Old Delaware Road. Unit 1 drove off the right shoulder and struck the mailbox on Old Delaware Road.

Deputies received a call regarding catalytic converters being cut off of some vehicles on Columbus Road. Deputies arrived on the scene, took pictures, collected a wittiness statement, gathered evidence, and a report is being filed to document the incident.

Unit 1 was on East Street at the intersection of Coshocton Road when the driver exited Unit 1 with the vehicle out of park. Unit 1 knocked the driver to the ground and then ran her over. The driver was trapped under Unit 1 at the left-center of the vehicle. The driver was severely injured. Eastern Knox County Fire District responded. No Damage to Unit 1 occurred. Unit 1 was parked in a nearby parking lot.