Troopers Arrest 164 Impaired Drivers During Operation CARE Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day Mobilization

COLUMBUS – Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers arrested 164 impaired drivers, and had over 10,800 enforcement contacts during the Operation CARE Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day Mobilization that ran from March 12-20.

The Patrol partnered with 30 other Ohio law enforcement agencies for the initiative, with a total of 76 agencies participating across the nation.

“Driving safely is something that all motorists can do to keep each other safe,” said Colonel Richard S. Fambro, Patrol superintendent. “Driving sober and wearing your safety belt are crucial to making sure that you and other motorists get to your destinations safely.”

Partnering law enforcement agencies across the United States removed 3,299 impaired drivers during the campaign, with over 208,000 enforcement stops overall during the reporting period.

The CARE campaign is used to help law enforcement educate drivers on the dangers of driving impaired, without a safety belt and distracted.

CARE, Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort, is a section within the International Chiefs of Police. CARE provides law enforcement with information, training and a forum for discussion on roadway safety issues.