We Need More Walkers!

Next week, Sept. 20-24, is National Falls Prevention Awareness Week. To celebrate, the Ohio Department of Aging is challenging all Ohioans to help us take 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls. One way you can do that is by forming a walking group.


A walking group may be made up of Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, church or organization members, and more. Your group members can participate together or individually, and all they have to do is get out and walk at least a mile anytime next week.

  • If you walk around your block – count that!
  • If you walk your dog – count that!
  • If you mow with a push mower – count that!
  • If you go grocery shopping – count that!

It’s all about physical activity because regular exercise is one of the simplest things older adults can do to reduce their risk of a life-changing fall.


Check out our Group Planning Guide, then, register your group today.


There are other ways you can contribute, such as walking and posting to social media, attending (or hosting) a walking event, or viewing an on-demand webinar. Learn more about the many ways you can contribute to 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls.


Please commit to contributing your steps to 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls. It’s easy. It’s fun. And, it’s important! THANK YOU!


Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Aging