Ohio Wildlife Center Celebrates Ohio Native Plant Month

July 18, 2019 was a happy day for Ohio when Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 59 into law designating the month of April as Ohio Native Plant Month. The legislation makes Ohio one of the first states in the country to have an entire month dedicated to our native plants—YES!
When we release animals that have been rehabilitated in our Wildlife Hospital, we send each creature back into their natural world where they have skills to survive and thrive. But they can’t live their full life without food, water, shelter, and space…the critical elements of habitat for any wild animal. Native trees, shrubs, and flowers give life to our Ohio species and create healthy, resilient ecosystems for all creatures—including people.
Our friends at Ohio Native Plant Month set a goal in 2020 to plant 100,000 native trees and woody shrubs across Ohio. Instead, almost 200,000 were planted! Can we reach and exceed 200,000 in 2021…YES WE CAN!
Please visit www.ohionativeplantmonth.org for lots of information, videos, tips, and a way to register everything you plant to reach this year’s goal. Happy Native Planting!
Information courtesy of the Ohio Wildlife Center

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