C-Level Tech Position Available

Now that the drive-thru is ready to open Tucker will be moving over there full time and we need to replace him in the shop.
The position we need to fill is that of a C-level tech consisting primarily of oil changes, tire installation/balancing/repairs and eventually doing entry-level jobs. Previous experience could be a plus depending on who trained you and how well that was done. If you don’t have prior experience in a shop but have an interest/ability to learn we will still take a look at your app.
At the end of the day, it’s basic mechanical stuff, but we are not the typical greasy/dusty/dirty pig pen repair shop. You’ll fit right in if constantly cleaning and keeping a spotless workspace are in your wheelhouse. Do you regularly wax your toolbox? I think we just became best friends. Do you have the ability to tell me something is low when we have 2️⃣ not 0️⃣? You’ll get two giant thumbs up. Collect enough of those and you’ll eventually get a high 5.
Applicants must have at least a basic selection of tools – impact/sockets/wrenches/ratchets, etc (preferably not harbor freight). Borrowing my stuff once? Sure. Needed it three times this week? Please buy one. That being said, don’t sell a lung to the snap-on guy. Having a $10,000 toolbox makes zero sense for a C-tech so I wouldn’t recommend that either.
Our schedule is 8-5 M-F, no nights, no weekends. Health insurance is available immediately, vacation/sick pay are given after the first year. The position’s pay will be dependent on your skills and abilities but $13-$14/hr is typically where we start a C-tech. I intentionally put these 4 paragraphs in to weed out applications. Anyone messaging us with “what’s it pay” didn’t read this far and probably doesn’t have the attention to detail I’m looking for.
Now, if you’re looking to make more than that, what we would REALLY love is if we found someone that also wanted to run a part-time wrecker position. If you have the ability to run at night and still get to work the next morning, you could do both and make extra money. Part-time wrecker drivers can make $10,000-$15000.
If you’re interested you can message us on (Facebook) and we’ll email you an application, or you can stop in and pick one up at the shop. If any of this ad seemed harsh or rude, please know we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and you should do the same. Being able to take a joke is also a valuable trait too.
Information courtesy of Elliston Repair & Tire

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