Wildlife Wednesday – Barn Owls

And what are we spotlighting on Wildlife Wednesday? Perhaps no other animal is more a part of folklore and superstition than the owl, and it is likely the behavior of the Barn Owl is one of the reasons and our spotlight today.

The barn owl likes to haunt old buildings like barns, church steeples or abandoned houses. In reality, having a barn owl roosting nearby is more helpful than haunting. While barn owls may be no wiser than the average bird, they are good at catching mice and other small rodents that can sometimes be a problem for people. You may have never seen a barn owl; they are nocturnal hunters, flying at dark over Ohio farm country in search of prey. Barn owls are rare in Ohio and are listed as a threatened species.

The barn owl’s nicknames are, because of its appearance, the monkey-faced owl and white owl. They are a beautiful light tan color above and nearly snow white below. Adult barn owls can reach 13-14 inches long, typically weight 14-25 ounces, and have a wingspan of 3.5 – 4 feet.

For more info from our Ohio Division of Wildlife, head to https://ohiodnr.gov/…/discover-and-l…/animals/birds/barn-owl.

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources