On the Margin

Buying and selling children for sex is one of the most vile crimes imaginable. That’s why it is a top priority of my office to stamp it out in Ohio, and why my Human Trafficking Initiative seeks to unite all who are working to end this evil trade and rescue its victims.

On October 20, I am pleased to speak about our work at On the Margin: Foster Youth at Risk for Human Trafficking, a virtual symposium hosted by the Ohio State Bar Foundation’s 2019 Fellows Class. Because foster kids are extremely vulnerable to human traffickers, other experts will join me to discuss this distressing problem. Victims will share their stories, and organizations working the frontlines with these youth will explain what preventive measures communities can take. Please join us on October 20 at 4 PM. For more information, visit OSBF.org/Symposium.

Information courtesy of the Ohio Attorney General