“Discover the Forest” Geocaching Trackable

If you are interested in finding cool things, consider finding a trackable called “Discover the Forest” which has been placed in one of our 11 geocaches. This trackable has traveled from Michigan and is awaiting a new home. Trackables are sometimes nothing more than an “ID tag” with information on it for you to log. Take this Discover the Forest trackable and move it from cache to cache as you explore new trails whether they are in your neighborhood or on a family vacation far from home.

Spending time outdoors has incredible benefits for children. It is known to enhance creativity; improve attention span; and increase problem-solving abilities, yet only 59 percent of parents report regularly or occasionally visiting a forest or park with their families. Experience all nature has to offer by searching for a Discover the Forest trackable at a geocache near you. This Discover the Forest trackable is provided by Discover the Forest, an initiative from the U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council. This campaign aims to encourage parents and caregivers to help their families reconnect with nature by experiencing it first-hand. Learn more and get involved in the Discover the Forest campaign at DiscoverTheForest.org. As you’re exploring the forests, parks, and trails near you, don’t forget to share photos of your family adventures on social media with #DiscoverTheForest.

Information courtesy of the Knox County Park District