Wildlife Wednesday – Midland Painted Turtle

It’s time for another Wildlife Wednesday – this time from our naturalist at Maumee Bay State Park who introduces you to a Midland Painted Turtle in her Creature Feature.

These turtles are among the most abundant and certainly the most conspicuous turtles in Ohio. The deep green carapace is brightly patterned with red and black along the underside of the marginal plates. The patterns look as if they were painted on by hand. There are several subspecies of painted turtles in the United States, but only the midland painted turtle occurs in Ohio. Although an occasional individual may attempt to bite when first captured, these turtles usually become very tame. Adult male painted turtles have elongated claws on their front feet, which they use to “tickle” the female’s neck during courtship.

Ohio Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Education

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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