Paragraphs Bookstore Digital Orders

We miss you. We miss talking about books. We miss talking to you about books. Two weeks of this is enough. Paragraphs Bookstore will digitally “reopen” on April 1. (This is not an April Fool’s joke.) If you want to order a book or books, go to our website There is a horizontal white bar in the top right section with the words title, author, keyword or ISBN. Type in what you know. Hit Enter and then look at the titles which appear and put whatever you want in the cart. Then you will enter your name, address, credit card information (all that stuff).
Your book(s) will ship directly from our wholesaler’s warehouse. Your credit card will be charged when your book(s) have shipped.
Please be advised that the warehouses are busy, and we can not guarantee when your books will arrive.
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay reading.

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