Donate Local on Giving Tuesday

Did you know 11% of Knox County adults have been diagnosed with diabetes? Or that diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States? One of the reasons diabetes is so life-threatening is because of how expensive it is to manage the disease. In 2019, the cost of insulin is 5 times more expensive than it was in 2012. Glucose testing strips. blood sugar monitors, finger lances, insulin, pens, needles, and alcohol swabs all add up to hard choices for patients.

In far too many cases, financially strapped patients do not take their medication as prescribed or test their blood sugar as often as directed. They may reuse test strips and finger sticks to save money only to increase the risk of infection and inaccurate sugar readings. This causes a cascade of other health issues including emergency room visits, cardiovascular disease, organ and tissue damage, vision problems, etc.

On this Giving Tuesday, please donate local. The Foundation for KCH is raising funds to help needy diabetic patients in our area. Your gift will help your neighbor get the resources they need to manage their disease.

To donate go to:

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