Today we are thankful for REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS!

While many may fear these cold-blooded animals (usually due to unfounded myths), reptiles and amphibians are important contributors to Ohio’s ecosystems and food chains. Both provide food for many animals, while also helping to control the populations of their prey species. For example, snakes prey on small rodents, whose populations could easily get out of hand without their help and many amphibians (like salamanders, frogs, and toads) help to reduce the biting and crop harming insect populations. But that’s not all reptiles and amphibians are good for. Many species are highly sensitive to their environment and need healthy habitats to live in. Because of this sensitivity, they can’t live in polluted areas, making them great indicator species. If you have reptiles and amphibians in an area, it usually means you have a healthy habitat too!

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