Weekend Activity: Plan Ahead for Colder Months

Summer is coming to an end and some wildlife species are already embarking on their journeys south … but not all! Many species of wildlife stay here year-round. This fall and winter, keep in mind a few tips to help our backyard wildlife get through the colder months.

  • Don’t deadhead or cut back plants in your flower gardens once things die back from frost. Throughout the winter, birds and other small animals will hide from predators in the tangle of stems, branches, and leaves. The leftover seed heads provide food.
  • Clean out and winterize bird boxes, or build roost boxes for birds. Roost boxes are a little different from nest boxes because they are made to keep the birds warm. Learn more about roost boxes here: http://ow.ly/QwlL30eLldy
  • Share your fall decorations with wildlife. Plan to carve a jack-o-lantern with an extra-wide mouth and fill it with birdseed. Place it near your bird feeders and watch the birds hop inside the pumpkin to get a treat.

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