Weekend Activity: Support Your Local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Spring is an especially busy time for wildlife rehabilitators. Young and sometimes injured wild animals are often brought to their centers. Because these care centers are non-profit and run by volunteers, they need our help! Consider supporting their efforts by volunteering, donating money, or by donating towels, blankets, food, and other care items that they need. Give your local wildlife rehabilitation center a call and find out how you can help.

List of Wildlife Rehabilitators in Ohio: http://ow.ly/GPta30jr3Of

Wildlife rehabilitation is the humane care and treatment of injured, diseased, or orphaned native wild species for subsequent release to their native wild habitats. The Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (OWRA) and wildlife rehabilitators around Ohio are licensed volunteers who go through extensive training on how to raise and treat young and injured wildlife. It is illegal to keep wildlife without a rehabilitators permit, and more often than not, young wildlife that we come across have mothers nearby and are perfectly fine to be left alone. It is always best to leave wildlife in the wild.

Learn more on the Born Wild, Stay Wild website: wildohio.gov/staywild

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