How Businesses Can Be “Falls-Free” Zones This Season



Holiday shopping is a big part of the season’s celebrations. Shops and businesses can help keep their customers’ holiday season bright by ensuring their businesses are “fall-free zones” with these tips:

  • Use the Slips, Trips and Falls Hazard Checklist to identify issues with flooring, stairs, lighting and housekeeping that could cause accidents.
  • Ensure that aisles and walkways are clean and clear of cords and obstructions. Have staff regularly monitor aisles for items blocking walkways.
  • If you must use rugs or mats, ensure that they remain flat and that they do not move under foot.
  • Ensure that people can move freely around displays. Avoid displays at the end of aisles that obscure customers’ views of other customers and obstacles.
  • Stage cleaning supplies in convenient locations around your business and quickly clean up all spills. Remember, dry materials can be just as slippery as wet.
  • Keep outdoor walkways and entryways free of ice and snow. Regularly clean up water and salt that is tracked inside.
  • Provide seating around your business, particularly in areas where customers may have to wait (e.g., near checkout lines, the service desk, the pharmacy, restrooms and exits).
  • Empower staff to assist customers who appear to be having trouble getting around or carrying large or bulky objects and bags.


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