Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 05, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 05, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

December 3
A complainant called and advised that his brother posted a video on social media that appeared to show that his brother was suicidal. Deputies responded and determined that the individual was not suicidal and was
not willing to go to the hospital voluntarily for mental health services. Deputies provided mental health resources and a report was completed for documentation.

A deputy was dispatched to Millersburg Road on an injured deer. The deputy arrived and observed that the deer had been struck by a vehicle and needed to be dispatched. The deputy dispatched the deer and a report was taken. Nothing further at this time.

A complainant called to report that earlier in the day he was frustrated with some mental health agencies and he left voice mails, out of frustration, that he believed could be misunderstood. The complainant requested a report for documentation in case one of those agencies requested a welfare check for him at the start of the following week.

Deputies spoke with a complainant regarding a fraud incident. Deputies collected a statement and advised the complainant that there would be a report filed to document the incident.

A complainant reported that he was turning left from the road into a residence and signaled the turn when another driver passed him on the left and ran into his vehicle.

A complainant reported a disturbance on a Mount Vernon City Schools bus route.

A complainant reported a two-vehicle accident on private property.

December 4
Deputies responded to an incident regarding fraud. Deputies made contact with the complainant and collected a statement form. The complainant was advised that a report was filed to document the incident.