Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 02, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 02, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

November 29
A complainant called to report that his ex-wife attempted to kill herself. Deputies advised dispatch to ping her phone location and responded to her residence. Dispatch was able to get a ping on her phone and determined she was in another jurisdiction. The other agency was able to locate her and she was transported to the hospital in that jurisdiction. A report was completed for documentation.

November 30
A complainant reported that he was westbound on Coshocton Road when a tree fell on his car, causing damage.

December 1
Deputies were dispatched to an active disturbance. Due to conflicting stories, a report was made for documentation.

A Knox County Deputy Sheriff conducted a traffic stop on Lower Green Valley Road. Drug paraphernalia was seized for destruction and a report was taken documenting the incident.

December 2
Deputies were dispatched to the 6000 block of Feasel Road in reference to vandalism that had occurred. Deputies spoke with a female victim who advised that an unknown suspect, had placed screws in their driveway. The victim advised that their vehicle had unknowingly drove over said screws in the driveway popping the tires on the vehicle.