Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 05, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 05, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

September 2
Deputies were dispatched to Apple Valley on a juvenile throwing things around the house and acting out. A complainant stated her daughter had Autism and needed to be evaluated. Deputies arrived and had the daughter transported to Knox Community Hospital for evaluation. Nothing further at this time.

A complaint of a trailer parked on the edge of the road at a park in Mount Liberty was made. A deputy responded and the trailer was found to be stolen from Franklin County a few days prior. The trailer was impounded and the owner was contacted.

A caller reported her husband is bipolar and has dementia. The caller is unable to take care of her husband. The husband was pinked slipped and transported to KCH. A report is being done for documentation.

September 3
Deputies received a complaint of a telecommunications fraud. The caller who is a resident of Centerburg stated she was scammed of $8000.00 USD. The scammer talked the female into purchasing four gift cards from a local business. The female then gave the gift cards information to the scammer and was asked to go to another local business to buy more gift cards. The female then realized she could possibly be a victim of fraud and contacted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy then acted upon the complaint and reached out to the local business where the gift cards were purchased and was able to have the $8000.00 USD returned to the female’s credit card with help of the local business before the scammer could withdraw the money from the gift cards.

Deputies responded to a call regarding a theft from a vehicle. Deputies arrived at the residence located on West First Street. Deputies spoke with the complainant and a report was taken to document the incident.

September 4
Deputies apprehended a woman on Southridge Drive who had a state-wide warrant out of Coshocton County. Deputies transported the female to the county line and released her into the custody of the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office.

September 5
Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Coshocton Road in Howard, Ohio 43028 on a domestic violence incident. Deputies arrived on scene and conducted their investigation. The male suspect was subsequently arrested for domestic violence and assault. The male transported to the Knox County Jail.

Deputies to South Preston Street in Centerburg, on a report of a domestic issue.

Deputies were dispatched to a Danville P.D. Office in Danville, Ohio, on a disturbance. Upon arrival, the deputies spoke with the complainant. The complainant advised that her ex-boyfriend had been drinking all day and was very belligerent. She advised that he purposely hit their 3 year old daughter in the face with a laundry basket causing marks on her cheeks and chin. Deputies then spoke with the male at the residence where he was placed under arrest for domestic violence and assault, and transported to the Knox County Jail.