Ohio Means Big Things for You

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Ohio is more than just a great place to do business. Ohio is an attitude, a legend, and a source of pride for everyone who calls it home. The Job Dream Team offers some information about Ohio and why you should consider making it your business’s new home.


Columbus, Ohio is Big on Business


Ohio is also a fast-growing state with many businesses large and small relocating there, while many are using Ohio as a place to start their businesses. And no place represents that more than the city of Columbus. Located in the heart of the state, its residents think of it as not just one of the best places to live in Ohio, but one of the best cities in the United States.


As the City of Columbus Economic Development tells us, Columbus is definitely business-friendly as there are a host of attractive and incentive programs for companies who are creating jobs and driving innovation.


Starting a business in Columbus means drawing from a large talent pool since the population of the city is growing with educated professionals moving there. In fact, the town has grown by more than 12% in little more than a decade.


When starting your Columbus, Ohio business, consider incorporating it for the protection and financial benefits that type of business provides for the business owner. In addition, shares are easier to transfer than with an LLC, and investors like the stability of a corporation. It won’t be an official corporation until it’s filed as such with the Ohio Secretary of State and there are steps you will need to take both before and after. However, following the steps in order makes the process easy and error-free. These steps include naming your corporation, appointing a director, and choosing a Ohio-registered agent. Rules vary from state to state regarding incorporating, so check with local officials before beginning the process.


Columbus, Ohio is Big on Families


Life in Columbus gives you all the great parts of living in a small community while being only a short drive away from everything a big city has to offer. But you don’t have to leave the Columbus area to find all the things you could need or want to make living there a pleasure. The town is full of parks and green spaces, which makes it an ideal location for families with children and those who are retired. It is a tight-knit and diverse city with plenty of its own amenities.



The affordability of Columbus is a major attractor for residents and businesses alike. The median home price is around $206,000, and the cost of living is more than 14% lower than the US average.


Buying a home there doesn’t necessarily require you to have a lot of cash on hand for a down payment. In fact, many programs exist that can help first-time homebuyers as well as others who qualify to receive either loans or grants to cover their home down payment costs.


If you’d prefer to rent, Columbus offers plenty of options. With more than 700 rentals available throughout the city, you’re likely to find one that meets your needs. An online search tool can help you find the perfect spot.


People who live in Ohio love their state and the people of Columbus are proud of where they call home, that’s why they invite you to make it your home too.


Information courtesy of jobdreamteam.com