MTVarts Presents “All My Sons”

“There are certain men in the world who rather see everybody hung before they’ll take blame.”
The MTVarts classic series presents Arthur Miller’s Tony Award-winning play ‘All My Sons’.
All My Sons examines the relationships between fathers and sons, the price men pay for the American Dream, the moral and emotional scars of war, and the human struggle for moral and legal conscience. A family drama that leads the audience towards a startling and heartbreaking conclusion.
Directed by Ian Fraser Ernsberger
Bruce Jacklin as Joe Keller
Christopher Hartman as Chris Keller
Cate Blair-Wilhelm as Kate Keller
Kelly Lauth as Ann Deever
Tony Montgomery as George Deever
Maureen Browning as Sue Bayliss
Glen Hissong as Jim Bayliss
Chuck Rogers as Frank Lubey
Abigail Tayse as Lydia Lubey
Briggs Swallow as Bert
Friday May 6 @ 7:30
Saturday May 7 @ 7:30
Sunday May 8 @ 2:00
At the Knox Memorial Theater
$15 Adults
$10 Students
Information courtesy of Knox Memorial