Mount Vernon Street Sweeping Schedule March 28-April 1

The following is a list of city streets to be swept. The Street Department is asking for cooperation from residents in having their automobiles moved on the day their street is scheduled for sweeping. Next week’s schedule is as follows:


NOTE: This schedule is subject to change or cancellation.


Monday – March 28th
Mulberry Street (Belmont Avenue to Chestnut Street)
North Main Street (Warden to Chestnut)

Tuesday – March 29th
Ohio Avenue
Sandusky Street

Wednesday – March 30th
North Gay Street (Warden Street to Chestnut Street)
South Main Street (Phillips Drive to Newark/Martinsburg Split)

Thursday – March 31st
Sugar Street (Sandusky Street to Park Street)
Hamtramck Street (Sandusky Street to Braddock Street)

Friday – April 1st
Burgess Street (Sandusky Street to East Dead End)
Pleasant Street (Sandusky Street to Gay Street)
Lamartine Street (McKenzie Street to Alley West of Mulberry)