Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 21, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 21, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

March 18
A complainant called to report that her juvenile son was supposed to be in court on the 16th and did not go to court. She advised that he may be running away to West Virginia to prevent his arrest. Her last contact with him was on March 16, 2022, so she requested to file a missing person report. A report was completed and the juvenile was entered into LEADS as a missing/runaway juvenile.

Deputies were advised that a female juvenile left home without permission. The juvenile was located by responding deputies and transported back home.

A deputy was dispatched to Chase Avenue Apartments on a reported theft. Dispatch advised that someone stole the complainant’s prescription medication. The deputy responded and made contact with the victim/complainant.

A complainant advised his son’s identity was used to file taxes for the year of 2021. The complainant requested a report on file for documentation.

Deputies responded to a suspicious person where her vehicle was stuck in a field. A citizen pulled the vehicle out of the mud with his tractor and a report was made for documentation.

March 19
A victim/complainant called and advised that her ex-boyfriend is harassing her by phone and text messages. A deputy responded and made contact with the victim/complainant. After speaking to the victim/complainant and seeing the text messages it was determined that the male should be charged with menacing by stalking. She advised that he also shows up uninvited to public places where she is located. Deputies were unable to make contact with him and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A complainant advised someone had driven off from their gas station without paying. The complainant advised the suspect has done this multiple times. A report was taken on the complainant’s behalf.

March 20
A complainant called dispatch to report that he was being harassed by his wife’s boyfriend. The complainant provided a recording of the phone conversation and a report was written for documentation purposes.

A deputy was dispatched to Highland Road on a report of a residence that was broken into.

Deputies responded to a report of an inactive domestic violence call that occurred at a Wooster Road address. The victim left the scene and drove to her father’s house then called dispatch. Contact was made with both involved parties followed by an investigation. It was determined that Andrew Collins would be arrested then transported to the Knox County Jail.

An active disturbance was reported at a Lakeview Drive address in Mount Vernon. After interviewing witnesses, Katara Bennett was arrested for domestic violence for causing physical harm to a family member. Bennett was transported to the Knox County Jail.