Robotics Teams Qualify for State

The Mount Vernon Robotics Team has grown to 4 Middle School Teams and 2 High School Teams. The Vex Robotics Competition game this year is called Tipping Point. Every year the game challenge changes and requires students to engineer a robot that can meet all of the challenges and requirements of the Game. This has been an incredible season for Mount Vernon, winning 8 Awards and establishing Mount Vernon as a competitive team with a strong program. The students have impressed the industry experts in Engineering and STEM with their Engineering Notebooks, knowledge of their robot designs, explanation of strategies as well as overall skills within the regular-season tournaments.


On Friday, March 11th Teams #43050B, #43050C & #43050E are competing at the 2022 Ohio Vex Robotics Competition Middle School State Championship. Then on Saturday, March 12th Team #43050Z will be competing at the 2022 Ohio Vex Robotics Competition High School State Championship. Coach Emily Miller stated, “I’m so proud of all of our students on the Mount Vernon Robotics Team. Their dedication, passion, and sense of humor make coaching this group a blast. These students work for hours on the engineering process of building, coding, practicing, and making improvements to create the best robot that they can to meet the challenges in the game. The growth that I have seen of each of these students since they joined robotics is astounding. Overall this is such a rewarding program to be a part of because it is so relevant to tangible real-world careers.”Below are each of our teams, the awards they have gotten this season, and the names of the students.
Mount Vernon Middle School Robotics Teams
TEAM #43050A
Loudonville HS VEX VRC “Tipping Point” Qualifier; Loudonville, OH Judges Award
Elizabeth Lebold (8th Grader) Captain & Engineering Notebook Recorder
Maddox Rice (8th Grader) Builder & Driver
Dallas Krabill (8th Grader) Builder
Amanda Misarti (7th Grader) Coder & Scout
Alex Kladias (7th Grader) Builder & ScoutTEAM  #43050B
Highland VRC Blended Holiday Qualifier; Sparta, Ohio Design Award (State Qualifying)
US Army VRC Blended Tipping Point Tournament; Norwalk, Ohio Design Award (State Qualifying)
Highland VRC Middle School Qualifier; Sparta, Ohio Tournament Champions (State Qualifying)
Mason Chesnut (8th Grader) Captain, Head Builder & Driver
Isabella Sherman (8th Grader) Coder
Natasha Jost (8th Grader) Engineering Notebook Recorder & ScoutTEAM  #43050C
Highland VRC Blended Holiday Qualifier; Sparta, Ohio Judges Award
Highland VRC Middle School Qualifier; Sparta, Ohio Tournament Champions (State Qualifying)
Aspen McMahon (8th Grader) Captain & Head Builder
Lily Grace (8th Grader) Engineering Notebook Recorder
Shaun Barlow (7th Grader) Builder
Carsten Hahn (7th Grader) Driver, Scout
Nathan Hofferberth (7th Grader) Coder

TEAM  #43050E
Mount Vernon Energy Field House VRC Blended Tipping Point Qualifier, Mount Vernon OH Excellence Award (State Qualifying)
Grant Mesarchik (8th Grader) Captain, Head Builder
Sala Glandon (8th Grader) Head Engineering Notebook Recorder, Scout & Assistant to Coach
Ben Henricksen (8th Grader) Head Coder
Myla Miller (7th Grader) Coder
Megan Packard (7th Grader) Builder
Hailey Waibel (7th Grader) Builder & Engineering Notebook Recorder

Mount Vernon High School Robotics Teams
TEAM  #43050Y
McKinley Figurski (10th Grader) Captain, Engineering Notebook Recorder & Scout
Cabe Armstrong (10th Grader) Coder & Builder
Tyler Ing (9th Grader) Builder & Driver
Christopher Hawthorn (9th Grader) Builder
Brady Wiles (9th Grader) CoderTEAM  #43050Z
Highland VRC High School Qualifier; Sparta, Ohio State Qualifying Skills Ranking
Sophia Zoldak (11th Grader)  Captain, Engineering Notebook Recorder & Head Scout
Austin Anderson (9th Grader) Builder, Scout & Coder
Sawyer Boggs (9th Grader) Head Coder
Hunter Thompson (9th Grader) Head Builder
Simon Peterson (9th Grader) Driver


Information courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools