Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 17, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 17, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

January 14
A complainant stated that an unknown person asked her to get in his van while she was loading items into her car and when she turned around she didn’t recognize the gentleman in the vehicle and walked back to her apartment.

A complainant called and requested a deputy to respond to pick up drugs that were located in a purse she purchased at a second-hand store. A deputy responded, collected the drugs for destruction and a report was completed for documentation.

A complainant contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding a theft of gravel. Deputy made contact via phone and a report was taken.

A complainant advised her juvenile son has been unruly and needs a mental health evaluation. A report was taken on the complainant’s behalf and will be forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for review of potential charges.

Unit #2 was at the stop sign on West Houck Street at North Hartford Street when she left the stop sign she did not see Unit #1 approaching the intersection and struck Unit #1 causing damage to both vehicles. The driver of Unit #2 was cited for the accident.

A complainant reported that several signs in Pike Township have been vandalized, or otherwise removed from their posts over a period of time.

January 15
A complainant came to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report that an unknown person had used their personal information to take out a loan in their name without their permission. A report was filed to document the incident.

A complainant called and advised that the suspect was intoxicated and acting belligerent. Deputies responded to the scene and spoke to all parties involved. The suspect was warned on his conduct and the deputies left the residence.