Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 10, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 10, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

January 7
A complainant called to report that her campsite was vandalized and items were stolen from the site. A deputy responded, a report was completed for documentation and an investigation was started.

A caller reported someone tried stealing his jet ski off his property but was unsuccessful. A report is being done for documentation.

January 8
Unit 1 was traveling Northeast on Danville-Amity Road when they lost control of their vehicle due to the road conditions. Unit 1 struck a ditch causing the vehicle to roll, striking the guy wire to pole #54A1-18 and coming to a rest on the left side of the vehicle in the field. Owner of the pole: American Electric Power 8400 Smith’s Mill Road, New Albany Ohio 43054.

Deputies were dispatched to a disturbance call. Dispatch advised that a subject was at the complainant’s residence taking vehicles from the property and the disturbance escalated. Deputies arrived on the scene and made contact with all parties. A report was completed to be sent to the City Law Director for review.

Unit 1 was traveling northbound on South Market Street, when it attempted to make a left-hand turn, going left of center, and struck Unit 2. Unit 2 was traveling southbound on South Market Street near 3 South Market Street.

January 9
A complainant believes an elderly non-offense victim is not being cared for properly.

A complainant advised someone had broken into her house and stole items. A report was taken on the complainant’s behalf.

A complaint was made on Columbus Road near Frost Alley of a generator being stolen. The victim advised that he believed a couple of people took his generator from a garage. A report was written to document the incident.

January 10
A complainant contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding a family member having a mental health crisis. Deputies arrived at the residence and transported the family member for an evaluation without incident.