Medical Assistants Recognition Day


Medical Assistants Recognition Day is observed on Wednesday of the third business week in October. One of the fastest-growing careers in the nation, medical assistants make medical offices run more smoothly and are instrumental in overall quality patient care.

Medical assistants are health professionals who support the work of physicians and other health professionals, usually in a clinic setting. Their responsibilities can include both administrative and clinical duties.  Depending on the type and size of the facility, what state, certifications available and the laws affected by where they work, medical assistants can play a variety of roles.

On Medical Assistant’s Recognition Day, take time to thank these healthcare professionals for their dedication.

HOW TO OBSERVE #MedicalAssistantsRecognitionDay

Make sure your medical assistants know how much you appreciate their hard work. Host a luncheon in the office or treat them to their favorite coffee. Give out fun awards such as “Fastest on their Feet” or “Memory Better Than A Chart.” Or, take a more serious approach by offering updated training to advance their careers.

Use #MedicalAssistantsRecognitionDay to post on social media. Be sure to also give a great big shout-out to all you know today in healthcare!


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