Letter to Knox County Families on COVID-19

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To address questions and concerns regarding COVID-19, Knox Public Health has sent a letter to area schools to distribute to the parents of students.

The letter is also available on the agency’s website, knoxhealth.com, as well the agency Facebook page, knoxheath@facebook.com.

The letter explains the difference between isolation and quarantine and the reasoning that warrants these protocols. The letter also emphasizes the importance of keeping students in Knox County schools safe.

“Beyond asking confirmed cases and close contacts to stay home and out of school when in isolation or quarantine, Knox Public Health continues to support the use masks for prevention of COVID-19,” states the letter. “Additionally, having at least three-feet of distancing between students while in the classroom helps to lower the transmission of COVID-19.”

The letter also states “We are not mandating the wearing of masks, nor is the state of Ohio.  Wearing a mask is a choice we highly recommend you make to protect everyone – you, your family, friends and co-workers.

The letter is signed by Health Commissioner Julie Miller and Deputy Health Commissioner Zach Green.


Information courtesy of Knox Public Health

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