Heart of Ohio USA Days Horse Information


Notice to horse owners who would like to be in the parade! We have an alternate route to get horses safely back to the church where the parade starting point takes place. Getting back there was a concern expressed to us. Our new member Adam Mayberry owns the last house on Houck Street on the left behind the park. Horses may turn into the park at the end of the parade, follow the drive around all the way back to the bridge and up to an opening Adam will put in the fence. They can then proceed down Houck Street to where they will have to cross the highway and get on the trail that leads to the church. There is no way to escape needing to cross the highway but that is more manageable than taking the highway all the way back. We missed the horses in 2019 so we hope this alternate route will be helpful so that they can rejoin the parade! Spread the word!

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