Heart of Ohio Welcomes Back Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny will be opening up Rock and Roll night on Saturday, June 26th at 6 p.m. on stage! Back by popular demand, these girls can really rock! Wait till you hear them do the Rolling Stone’s Paint it Black! If you can’t wait check it out on YouTube!
Spinning Jenny is proud to say they are a family consisting of Dr.John Balzano and his three daughters Julia (24) Talia (21) and Angelina (19). Dr.Balzano passed on his musicianship and love of music, particularly rock and roll, to his daughters at an early age. Before long the girls learned how to play guitar, drums, bass and keys. And that foundation officially led them to starting Spinning Jenny in 2011. During their live shows audiences can expect to hear a wide variety of music genres-old school rock and roll, the latest hits on the radio and alternative rock hits as well. This ensures that there’s something for every age to enjoy.
The next step for Spinning Jenny was creating their own music. They started working on their debut album, “Outside The Lines” which mixes rock and pop to create a unique blend of songs. Their album was released it to the public in 2014. Spinning Jenny also made their first music video for the song “Outside The Lines” as well, followed by an EP “Weightless” in 2016. In 2018 they were chosen to compete in Topgolf’s TV competition series, “Who Will Rock You”.
No matter what the future holds for Spinning Jenny, their love of music and love for each other as a family will continue to drive them. If you missed them the first time, make sure to get here early to get a good seat! These girls not only are great singers but they will ROCK you!
Information courtesy of the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival

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