Wildlife Wednesday – The Peregrine Falcon

It’s Wildlife Wednesday from your Ohio Division of Wildlife! Today we are spotlighting one of the raptors that calls Ohio home – the peregrine falcon.
Peregrines have a distinctive appearance. The head and neck area are blackish with a dark wedge of coloration extending below the eyes that forms a “helmet” or hooded appearance. The throat, chin, and ear patch are contrasted by white feathers. The upper body ranges from a bluish-black or slate gray to rich brown; the back, the feathers of the bird’s shoulders, and the small feathers on top of the wings and over the tail feathers have a faint cross pattern or barring, while the rump and tail feathers are more strongly barred. Wing and tail feathers have broad horizontal bars.
Traditionally, peregrines are found in regions of open habitat with tall cliffs that range from tundra, savanna, and forested river valleys, to coastlines and high mountains. Peregrines are usually associated with a source of water which attracts a prey base of small to medium-sized birds. Falcons roost on small ledges, and rock outcroppings on steep, bare rock walls preferably under an overhang. Migrants sometimes overwintered in large cities where tall buildings were used as roost sites and vantage points for foraging on pigeons.
For more info on these amazing birds as well as info on nests around the state, head to https://ohiodnr.gov/…/animals/birds/peregrine-falcon. #WildOhio Ohio Department of Education
Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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