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MOUNT VERNON, OH – As mental health issues increase at an alarming rate across the country, Mental Health and Recovery for Licking and Knox County (MHR), along with Knox Public Health is kicking off a Knox Cares (#KnoxCares) awareness campaign as part of our fight against mental illness during COVID-19, sending a clear message about getting people the right support as early as possible.

“We are in the midst of a nationwide mental health crisis,” said Kay Spergel, Executive Director for MHR. “The pandemic has presented a major challenge for people living with a mental health condition. We are also seeing a significant increase in the number of crisis calls made to law enforcement in our area. Left unaddressed, these mental health challenges could develop into more serious mental health conditions. This is why it’s so important for people to be aware of the risks and warning signs and know how to react when they see them.”

As late as September of 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Household Pulse Survey showed that one-third of Americans show signs of anxiety and depression. In addition to already existing mental health conditions, many more people are experiencing complex emotions due to anxiety, stress, anger, grief, isolation, and more.

The Knox Cares campaign lays out risks and warning signs, along with resources so our community members will know what to do and who to turn to if they are experiencing mental health issues. MHR is promoting a series of events and activities intended to raise awareness:

  • 3: QPR- Suicide Prevention Training via Zoom through MHR at 5 pm

  • Dec 3: COVID Briefing via Facebook Live through Knox Public Health at 6 pm
  • Dec 10: Viewing of “Not So Different” via Zoom through MHR at 6 pm

This film shows viewers what resources we have in Licking and Knox Counties for addiction and mental health related issues and provides a resource guide to use at home.

  • Dec 15: First episode of The Resilience Mentality Podcast to be released
  • Dec 17:  Self-Care During COVID via Zoom through MHR and BHP at 6 pm

Seven of the most common mental health conditions include anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, eating disorders, depression, PTSD and addiction/substance use disorders.

People can follow along on social media using #KnoxCares, or visit our facebook pages at www.facebook./mhrlkco and

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