The Freedom Center Completes Technology Overhaul Supported by Knox County Foundation and The Energy Cooperative Operation Round-up Grant

With thanks to the grants from the Knox County Foundation and The Energy Cooperative, The Freedom Center completed a major technology overhaul aimed at improving security, maintaining HIPPAA compliance and supporting business and clinical operations.  Aging hardware and obsolete software necessitated the upgrade, and HIPAA requirements demand that organizations like The Freedom Center abide by strict security protocols such as having current EOL software and strong cyber security defenses.

The technology overhaul consisted of replacing and upgrading the existing computers, server, backup system, email/exchange, firewall, networking equipment, and phone system.  The Freedom Center contracted with Mega-Byte Computer Services to successfully complete this project.  Originally scheduled to finish in April, the IT upgrades were delayed until July 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to replacing the aged server and physical hardware, important software upgrades to the Server operating system ensure that it has the most current (supported) version.  The Freedom Center’s IT operations are under warranty and in compliance with HIPAA.

Replacement of aging devices with Windows-based laptops and desktops that are fully compatible with the Freedom Center’s EMR software has improved workflow and ensures client privacy and confidentiality.  The switch to the new phone system greatly expanded the capacity for telehealth services.

Afet Kilinc, Executive Director of the Freedom Center, stated “the technology overhaul was long overdue and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need for robust IT infrastructure that supports telecommuting and telehealth to minimize any unplanned disruption in service.  The Freedom Center is committed to prioritizing future technology upgrades to improve security, compliance and productivity.”

For additional information about this press release, please contact Afet Kilinc, Executive Director of the Freedom Center at (740)397-2660.