Wildlife Wednesday – Blue Jay

It’s time for one of our favorite days and posts – Wildlife Wednesdays! Today we spotlight the colorful Blue Jay.

This bird is part of the crow family, which is a group of larger, aggressive birds. Their bills are large and stout; the feet and legs are heavy, enabling them to spend much time on the ground. Both the wings and the tail are rounded. The family is omnivorous (they eat both plant and animal material) and their songs are loud, raucous calls.

The blue jay is bright blue on top and white underneath. The wings and tail are heavily streaked with black; the tail has white outer feathers; and the face has prominent black markings. It is also conspicuously crested.

For more info on this species from our Ohio Division of Wildlife, head to ohiodnr.gov/…/odnr/discover-and-learn/animals/birds/blue-jay#WildOhio Ohio Department of Education

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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