Immunization Clinics for Next Year’s 7th and 12th Graders

Parents and guardians of current 6th and 11th-grade students, The State of Ohio law requires all students, before entering 7th grade, to have meningitis and Tdap vaccine.  Next year’s seniors, before entering 12th grade will need an additional meningitis vaccine.  Students who have not met this requirement will be withheld from school until the requirements are met.  If your child has already had these vaccines, please disregard this article.  If your child has not yet received these vaccines, the Knox County Health Department will be hosting an immunization clinic at the Middle School on March 4th from 8 AM to 10 AM and at the High School, March 4th from 10 AM to 12 PM.  A consent form from the Health Department must be returned to your school’s office by March 2, 2020.  Vaccination Clinic Consent Form.
If you choose not to participate in the immunization clinic, please make sure your child receives both vaccines prior to the start of next school year.  The following locations also provide immunizations:  Your child’s doctor/healthcare provider (call ahead for verification),  The Knox County Health Department Immunization Clinic (call 740-399-8008 to make an appointment-, and local pharmacies often provide them with a healthcare provider prescription for ages 13 and up – please be sure to call ahead for verification.
There are two exemptions to the state law:
  • If your child has a medical condition that prevents him or her from receiving the vaccine, a statement from the student’s health provider (Immunization Exemption Form) is required and must be provided to the school.
  • If you object for good cause including religious reasons, a form (Immunization Exemption Form) is available on our school website or in the school office and must be signed and provided to the school.

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