Antler Shed Hunting: Rules for Keeping or Selling Them

Do you have a white-tailed deer shed that you found while exploring? There are many options for using a naturally shed antler. Many people like to simply collect and save the antlers, sometimes displaying their larger finds. Others use the shed antlers as decorations. Whether it’s used “as is” on a bookshelf or mounted on the wall, added to a light fixture or carved into the handle of a knife, the sky’s the limit when decorating with antlers. But, are you able to sell the items you create?

The short answer for naturally shed deer antlers is “yes.” It is legal to sell products created using deer antlers, hides, and feet, as long as, it was acquired legally. However, it is not legal to sell any other white-tailed deer body parts including meat, bones, and teeth. See the full rules list:

So, if you have a crafty side, explore the possibilities of using deer antlers in your next DIY decorating project!

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