Bat Week: Exclusion

Are bats living in your attic? No, this isn’t the start of a spooky Halloween story, but can cause some real problems for homeowners. Bats don’t always roost in the best places and may find your attic or eaves a little too cozy.

Excluding bats from your house is the best way to solve this problem. Fall (September and October) are the best times to exclude bats from your house. Most bats have not yet started hibernating and by this time young bats born in the spring are on their own.

Pups are born starting in mid-May or early June and are unable to fly on their own until the end of July. Exclusions done during the summer maternity season will kill flightless pups and create the additional issue of frantic adult bats trying to access the sealed roost.

Find more information on bat exclusion here:

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