Fall Migration: Birds

Shorebirds are amazing long-distance fliers. Some of these annual migrations will blow your socks off! We Ohioans are fortunate to sit close to two major bird migration routes. As a result, many different species, shorebirds included, pass through our state or even stay here to nest each spring. Yellowlegs, sandpipers, dowitchers, turnstones, and godwits are just a few species Ohio birders buzz about while watching for these travelers to pass through the Midwest.

While these creatures have impressive journeys, one species, in particular, the American golden-plover, is a marathoner of bird migration. Read more about this little bird’s 8,500-mile trip: http://ow.ly/pUhl30g4fys

If you’re going out to see Ohio’s beautiful colors this fall, you may want to also visit places where you’re likely to observe migrating shorebirds: http://fallcolor.ohiodnr.gov/migration

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