“You want me to play games!?”

Have you played any board/card games this month? Let me guess….

  1. Games!? I stopped playing kids games when I turned (insert age here) and became an adult.
  2. I don’t have time for “games”. I’m too busy with work/partner/kids/real life.
  3. Yeah, I played Monopoly/Cluedo/Scrabble/Poker/Guess Who/Connect Four/Scene It/Trivial Pursuit/Snakes and Ladders/Uno/Chess/Risk

I’m guessing 99% of you are in one or more of the categories above?

Hi, I’m Andy Nicholas and I run a small “company” called MadLad Designs. One of the things I do is run a YouTube Channel on which I do playthroughs/tutorials of various board & card games, as well as playthroughs of Print and Play games (more on that in another blog). I’ve also designed and created a couple of games you can download and play from BoardGameGeek (more on THAT in another blog!)

I’m here to enlighten you about the virtues of TableTop Games, games you can play with friends or even by yourself!

Those of you who are not “Gamers” (as we like to call ourselves) will probably be familiar with all the board games out there:- Monopoly/Cluedo/Scrabble/Poker/Guess Who/Connect Four/Scene It/Trivial Pursuit/Snakes and Ladders/Uno/Chess/Risk, but let me tell you there are thousands upon thousands of games out there, based on dozens of genre!

Want to stop hoards of skeleton pirates from boarding your ship? yep. How about roaming through dungeons killing monsters and getting treasure? yep. Wandering through an apocalyptic town finding fuel to get your van working whilst fending of mutant zombies? yep. Or maybe building a dinosaur park and filling it with a multitude of hungry dinosaurs? yep.

There are a lot more games out there than you played when you were a kid and the games have got a lot, lot better. 🙂

MadLad Designs

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