Malabar Farm Foundation Recognizes ODNR Director

COLUMBUS, OH – The Malabar Farm Foundation recently presented Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Director James Zehringer with the Louis Bromfield Society Award. This international award is given to individuals who exemplify the spirit and characteristics of Louis Bromfield, the former Pulitzer Prize-winning author and groundbreaking conservationist who previously owned Malabar Farm.
Recipients of the award are honored for their advancement of Bromfield’s efforts in agriculture, literature, and conservation. Under the leadership of Director Zehringer, ODNR has invested in improvements to the famous author’s home, known as the Big House with its 32 rooms, renovated the Maple Syrup Cabin, and repaired and updated the Pugh Cabin and other buildings on the farm. Zehringer’s history in agriculture and his efforts to preserve and share Bromfield’s message of conservation were noted by Foundation members.
“Under the leadership of Director Zehringer, the partnership between ODNR and the Foundation has continued to grow, which has led to a number of improvements at Malabar,” said Dr. Robert Berry, vice president of the Malabar Farm Foundation. “The investments and improvements made by ODNR have allowed us to utilize our donations on projects that more directly impact guests to the Big House, while also allowing us to share Louis Bromfield’s message of conservation to a growing number of visitors at Malabar Farm State Park.” 
The Malabar Farm Foundation was founded in 1993 to provide resources in support of the vision and programming of Malabar Farm State Park.  In addition, the Malabar Farm Foundation is a nonprofit organization that preserves, educates, promotes and extends the legacy of Louis Bromfield in the fields of agriculture, conservation, and literature.
The Louis Bromfield Society is the membership program established to raise funds in support of this mission. Donations to the Malabar Farm Foundation have helped fund many projects at Malabar Farm State Park, including two nationally televised Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentaries, more than $500,000 toward the construction of the Visitor/Education Center, funding for educational exhibits, art and artifact restoration and new ultraviolet protectant blinds for every door and window in the Big House.
Malabar Farm State Park offers several events for visitors throughout the year, including the Heritage Days Festival, Candlelight Holiday Tours, Maple Syrup Festival, night haunts, and barn dances. The Malabar Farm Foundation also sponsors their own events, such as the Big House Valentine’s Bash and an annual car show, to help raise money for the Foundation.
ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at
Previous recipients of the international Louis Bromfield Society Award are:
2000 – Max Drake
2001 – Ralph Cobey
2002 – Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
2002 – Lloyd Noble family
2003 – Ellen Bromfield Geld
2003 – Hope Bromfield Stevens
2004 – Joseph J. Sommer
2005 – Robert W. Teater
2006 – Francis Buchholzer
2007 – Richard F. Celeste
2007 – John R. Gilligan
2008 – Louis M. Andres
2009 – Wendell Berry
2010 – Wes Jackson
2012 – Robert W. Huge
2014 – Dick and Martha Arehart
2018 – James Zehringer

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