A Walk Down Memory Lane – 100 Years Ago


Whether it be swimming, canoeing or just plain lolling along the beach, this girl is clad in a checkered costume that is suitable for all. It is a one-piece suit, falling full from the shoulders and is held in by a belt, forming a divided skirt. It is made of black and white square figured taffeta, rimmed with a narrow bank of black taffeta.

In August of 1918 World War I was raging and troops were fighting over seas.  Everything was rationed and although the war was not seen on the streets of Mount Vernon there were reminders everywhere.  Headlines in The Democratic Banner, the newspaper of that time, reminded readers of what was happening all over the world.  Through all of this, life went on as usual in our little town.

Here are a few examples of advertisements from August of 1918. The Carl N Lorey (Druggist) ad was for 115 South Main Street where the Woolson Company is now.

The apparel has certainly changed.  The bathing suit was the fashion 100 years ago as well as the men’s hats.