Bobcats in Ohio

Some great photos of bobcats recently captured on a trail cams. Have you seen a bobcat or captured a photo of one lately? If you have, we want to hear about it! In April 2014, the bobcat was removed from Ohio’s list of threatened species and as its population grows, it is being seen more often, especially in Ohio’s southeastern counties.

Submit your sightings to our online Wildlife Species Sighting Report:

Some notes about bobcats:

– Adults are two to three times larger than a typical housecat, with longer legs, a larger head, a bobbed tail and ear tufts.

– Bobcats in Ohio prefer wooded areas, especially early successional habitats in the vicinity of reclaimed strip-mined areas.

– This predator is entirely carnivorous and primarily hunts small mammals and birds, but has been known to sometimes take young deer.

– The ODNR Division of Wildlife is currently working with Ohio University to develop an updated distribution map of bobcats in southeastern Ohio. Stay tuned!

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