Elliston Repair and Tire is Hiring


This is gong to sound familiar, but we are NOW HIRING.

We are expanding our fleet to two full-time tow trucks and a light duty service truck. Our current driver is being promoted so we have a vacancy to fill in our light duty service truck .

The job description is as follows-

1- Full time Monday – Friday and on-call two nights a week and every other weekend. The position entails roadside service including tire changes, vehicle lock outs, fuel delivery and battery delivery and installation. Basic everything you’ve ever called AAA for, you’ll now be doing.

During shop hours this position may also require helping to change / repair tires, shuttle customers, take out the trash, sweep floors and other ancillary functions of the shop that keeps you on the go. There could be and opportunity to move up to a wrecker service position in the future as we expand.

Requirements for applicants are as follows-

-Be able to pass a criminal background check and have a clean driving record

-Live in the Fredericktown area

-Be mechanically inclined- prior towing/roadside experience is not a must for the service truck position but is a plus.

– Be able to work flexible hours when on-call. Hoping to find a babysitter when you get called because someone else locked their baby in the car won’t suffice. Neither will taking your baby with you.

– Be willing to help out with things that you may not consider “your job”. You don’t get to say that many times around here before it indeed will NOT be your job.

-Be good at showing up to work when scheduled

-Not be good at coming up with excuses why you didn’t show up to work.

– Be able to prioritize getting to a call quickly over editing your sweet mannequin challenge

-Be good at taking care of our stuff, because it’s really expensive, and if you don’t we’ll come break some of your stuff.

If all of the above applies to you then you can message us on here and we can email you an application to print or you can pick up an application in person.

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