Scam Alert: “Expiring License” Scam Tricks Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft announced that they are no longer providing technical assistance, software updates, or bug fixes for Windows 7. It’s big news for users of the popular operating system. The announcement is giving scammers an opportunity to confuse Windows users into paying to update their “expiring Windows license” – whether they need to or not, according to recent BBB Scam Tracker reports.… Read full story

Tips for Parents Buying Smart and Connected Toys

Teddy bears once filled with stuffing are now hard-wired with smart technology. Internet-connected toys can be fun but they can also put your family at risk if proper care is not taken when buying and using these devices. Safer Internet Day (February 11, 2020) is celebrated worldwide to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people.… Read full story

Is Someone Trying to Cybersquat On Your Domain?

What’s in a domain name, really? For small businesses, it’s the best way for customers to find them and for vendors to network with them. But what if a suspicious-looking email appears in your inbox threatening to take over your company’s domain name because it conflicts with a trademark, or the sender has filed a registration ahead of you for the same name?… Read full story