Virtual Youth Fishing Tournaments

We are excited to officially announce our Virtual Youth Fishing Tournaments we are hosting for the summer with Ariel Foundation Park Conservancy! I am sure you are ready for summer to begin but are wondering what you can do. Since the threat of Covid-19 continues, our summer youth programs have been cancelled and it is with regret but we also value the importance of keeping everyone safe during this time.… Read full story

2.9 Billion Birds Gone Since 1970

There are 2.9 billion fewer breeding birds in North America than there were in 1970. This fact was calculated using datasets of 48 years from multiple independent sources, including the North American Breeding Bird Survey and the Christmas Bird Count. A comprehensive analysis of 11 years of data from 143 NEXRAD radar stations showed a similarly steep decline in the magnitude of migration.… Read full story

Born Wild, Stay Wild: Survival Characteristics of the Red Fox

📸 Holly McCourt


Sometimes, well-intentioned people see young animals without a parent nearby, and the first thought is that the animal is orphaned or abandoned and needs help. However, in almost every case the parent is watching close by. Remember, a wild animal’s best chance for survival is in its natural environment where it can learn normal behaviors from its own species.… Read full story