Wildlife Education: Resources

The Division of Wildlife is pleased to provide educators with quality teaching aids about Ohio’s wildlife. Our education materials include Project WILD activity supplements, posters, wildlife identification guides, and various printed materials. Loaner trunks containing skulls, hides, and more are also available to educators for hands-on wildlife education.… Read full story

Wildlife Education: WILD School Sites

WILD School Sites are an extension of Project WILD and can involve any school property used by students, teachers, and the community as a place to learn about and benefit from wildlife and the environment. These sites function within the premise that every school, regardless of size and location, can provide outdoor educational opportunities that can and should be part of any integrated education program.… Read full story

Project Wild

Project WILD involves young people and wildlife, a proven formula for generating interest and participation. It is a supplementary education program emphasizing awareness, appreciation, and understanding of wildlife and natural resources. The program teaches young people how to think about wildlife, their needs and importance, and their relationships to people and the environment.… Read full story


Ohio is home to 24 species of salamander, cold-blooded amphibians that spend their lives partly in water and partly on land. Many salamanders begin their lives as larvae before undergoing metamorphosis and becoming adults. These small creatures spend most of their lives hidden under rocks, leaves, or underground, making them tough to spot.… Read full story

Smokey the Bear Turns 75

Smokey Bear celebrates his 75th Birthday! Wildfire prevention icon Smokey Bear reaches a milestone this summer. August 9, 2019 marks the 75th birthday of the fire prevention bear. Smokey Bear was created in 1944 by the US Forest Service and has been working hard to promote fire prevention and safety across the USA for 75 years.… Read full story