Multiyear Hunting/Fishing Licenses Now Available

Beginning TODAY, hunters and anglers are able to buy multiyear licenses in Ohio! Ohio resident license buyers can choose from 3-year, 5-year, 10-year and lifetime hunting or fishing licenses:

All single-year and multiyear licenses can be purchased online: and at hundreds of participating agents throughout the state:

Those interested in purchasing a lifetime license may apply online or at any of the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s five district offices or headquarters in Columbus:

Learn more about Ohio’s license options:

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Red Fox Sightings

It’s surprising to some people that red fox sightings have increased in Ohio’s urban and suburban habitats. While some people are excited and intrigued by a red fox so close to the house, others are concerned. Remember that seeing different wildlife species (such as a red fox) is a great thing.

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White-Tailed Deer on the Move

Look out! White-tailed deer will be entering their breeding season, so you’ll want to be extra alert during all hours of the day while driving in Ohio during October, November, and December. Male deer are on the move during this time of year, crossing roads and through neighborhoods, making them much more susceptible to collisions with vehicles.

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Fall Color Ready to Transform the Forest Canopies with Brilliant Colors

Fall color reports begin Oct. 3.

COLUMBUS, OH – As the days grow shorter and the nights a little cooler, signs of autumn will begin to emerge. Ohio’s forest canopies will soon begin their color transformation to strong reds, vivid yellows and bold oranges that encourage people to visit the Buckeye State to catch that first glimpse of color.… Read full story

Monarchs on the Move

Monarchs are passing through Ohio, so be on the lookout as they make their way to Mexico! Monarchs embarking on this long journey require nectar-producing plants. Asters and goldenrod are two great nectar sources this time of year:

Keep up with the latest on this year’s monarch migration in Journey North’s Migration News:

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