Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – May 21, 2019

Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – May 21, 2019
(Information courtesy of The Danville Police Department)

May 18
Assisted Sheriff’s Deputy – East Walnut Street, Danville
Assisted motorist – East Walnut Street, Danville
Suspicious vehicle – Hunter Road at Bridge of Dreams, Brinkhaven
Traffic violation (fail to dim bright lights) – Millersburg Road, Brinkhaven
A traffic stop was attempted on East Main Street, Danville resulting in a pursuit onto North Market Street and onto Danville-Jelloway Road.… Read full story

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 21, 2019

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 21, 2019
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

A Deputy was dispatched to the Brandon Baptist Church on the complaint of a Pepsi machine being broken into on May 20th, 2019.

A Deputy was dispatched to Kenyon Campus Safety for drugs that had been found at the New Apartments on East Woodside Drive in Gambier.… Read full story

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 20, 2019

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 20, 2019
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

Michael Goines, of Howard, was arrested on an outstanding warrant issued out of the Mount Vernon Municipal Court on May 19th, 2019.

A Deputy arrived at Dollar General on North Sandusky Street on a report of a found clear bag with faint white residue in it.… Read full story

Mount Vernon Municipal Court Active Warrants

Name Case# Issue Date
ACOFF, AMBER A 14CRB00879 9/24/2014
AIKENS, ROCHELLE L 16TRD00834 3/24/2016
AL-FAYEZ, RAKAN S 18TRC02445 8/15/2018
ALLS, TERRAEL A 17TRC02483 11/9/2017
ANDERSON, COREY D 19CRB00322 5/3/2019
ANDRESEN, LYNE A 17CRB00071 3/14/2019
ANTHONY, ASA L 11CRB00821 8/25/2011
ANTHONY, ASA L 11CRB00866 9/19/2011
ANTHONY, ASA L 11CRB00896 9/19/2011
BARCUS, ROBERT M 16TRC02217 10/23/2018
BARE, HERBERT W, III 18CRB00016 1/8/2018
BARE, HERBERT W, III 18TRD00030 1/17/2018
BARNES, MICHAEL V 13CRB00247 9/12/2013
BARTIMUS, JOEL P 14CRB01049 10/15/2014
BARTLEY, TERRY J 14CRB00668 6/24/2014
BATES, JERRY B 19TRD01045 3/25/2019
BEAVER, JAY D 18TRC01204 1/24/2019
BECKETT, HUNTER S 18TRD00774 3/6/2018
BENHAIDA, JESSICA L 19CRB00144 5/2/2019
BESS, BRENDA S 18CRB00485 5/15/2019
BILLMAN, MITCHELL 18CRB01005 2/19/2019
BLACK, ANDY E 18TRC03493 1/8/2019
BLACK, ANDY E 18TRD04764 12/14/2018
BOOTHE, PATRICK 18CRB01382 12/11/2018
BOOTHE, PATRICK 18TRD04705 12/11/2018
BORGES, ELIO 12CRB00730 9/12/2012
BOSQUETTE, JAMES V 09CRB00723 10/23/2009
BOWMAN, RANDY R 13CRB00556 7/2/2013
BOYES, TODD W 14CRB00225 4/15/2014
BOYES, TODD W 14TRC00801 4/15/2014
BOYLEN, SCOTT A 18CRB00621 6/11/2018
BOYLEN, SCOTT A 18CRB01014 8/27/2018
BOYSAW, SERENA D 18CRB00916 10/4/2018
BROUGHTON, MICHAEL W 09CRB00738  9/27/2010
BROWN, AARON C 15TRD01600 6/1/2015
BROWN, MICHAEL A 12TRD03848 1/8/2013
BROWN, STAQUALIA M 17CRB00670 6/29/2017
BROWN, STAQUALIA M 17TRD02224 6/29/2017
BRUNET, WENDY M 13TRD02963 9/26/2013
BRYANT, MICHAEL L 11CRB01431 3/8/2012
BURCHETT, LEONA A 14TRC00612 8/3/2015
BURDEN, TRACE J 18CRB00006 2/4/2019
BURKETT, ROY V 15CRB01133 3/26/2016
BURTON, BRETT A 18CRB00574 5/18/2018
BUTCHER, BRANDY 17CRB00717 4/6/2018
BUTCHER, BRANDY J 17CRB00743 4/6/2018
BUTCHER, BRANDY J 17CRB00963 4/6/2018
BYER, DAVID W 18TRD02097 5/7/2019
BYERS, NICHOLE K 18CRB00999 5/7/2019
CAIN, CHRISTINA M 18TRC04406 4/26/2019
CAMERON, SHAWN N 19TRD00394 2/1/2019
CAPUANO, CHARLES H, III 18CRB00461 7/24/2018
CARPENTER, DREW 17CRB01121 10/27/2017
CARPENTER, MICHAEL A 17CRB01040 11/27/2017
CARTER, JEREMIAH C 18CRB01446 2/14/2019
CARTER, JEREMIAH C 18CRB01235 4/11/2019
CHAPMAN, RICHARD 17CRB01132 11/6/2017
CHAVEZ, ALMA D 10CRB00541 7/26/2010
CHEEK, RANDY L 17CRB01383 3/22/2018
CHUN, MARK M 18TRD04246 11/13/2018
CLARK, ALEXANDER J 11CRB00369 1/11/2012
CLARK, ROBERT J 11TRD05229 9/8/2015
CLUM, KEITH R 09TRC04935 3/29/2010
CLUM, KEITH R 09TRC04940 3/29/2010
CLUM, KEITH R 10TRD00462 3/11/2010
COBB, LEVAUGHN H, III 17TRD02025 6/13/2017
COCHRAN, ROBERT D 17TRD03789 11/16/2017
COLE, STEVEN E 19CRB00210 3/14/2019
CONNER, NATHAN J 12CRB00271 5/1/2012
CONNOCK, ROBERT L, JR 13TRD01991 5/15/2015
CORNETTE, MARVIN E 13CRB00895 11/5/2013
COURTS, KEVIN D 18CRB00860 1/9/2019
CRAIG, BRITTANY M 19TRD01515 4/16/2019
CROUSE, DAWN R 11TRC03601 1/24/2012
CUMMINGS, JOYCE A 17TRD03212 9/11/2017
CURRY, DAKOTA 18TRD04741 12/31/2018
CURRY-JETER, KAYLA S 15TRD04313 12/10/2015
DAMRON, COLUMBUS O 13TRD04157 11/15/2013
DAVIS, ASHLEY N 18CRB01385 12/11/2018
DENIO, RICHARD B, JR 15CRB00970 11/9/2015
DEVORE, SHEILA R 18CRB00623 4/26/2019
DIAZ-RIVERA, VALERIE A 17CRB01059 1/3/2018
DININGER, CONNIE S 18CRB00707 8/15/2018
DOBBINS, TIFFANY R 15TRD02930 8/18/2015
DOTSON, TRONIE L 16CRB00893 1/12/2017
DOWELL, CAROL S 18CRB00724 3/29/2019
DRAYTON, JENNIFER L 06CRB00532 1/31/2011
DUBLIN, RICHARD L 16TRD01002 4/11/2016
DUMOND, KYLE J 13CRB00417 5/20/2013
DUSTIN, JOEL L 14CRB00874 9/24/2014
EHRIG, KRYSTALL 10CRB00445 1/18/2011
ELY, MARIA 19CRB00258 5/6/2019
ERWIN, JEREME W 17TRC01646 9/10/2018
EVANS, JAMES C 93CRB00188 7/13/1999
FARRELL, TIFFANY 14TRD00277 6/11/2014
FERRELL, CAMILLE R 19CRB00206 2/26/2019
FISHER, LATASHA N 16CRB00170 12/20/2017
FITCHPATRICK, LEVI W 17CRB00260 4/25/2017
FLETCHER, JAMES C 18CRB00857 4/24/2019
FOOCE, LONNIE R 11CRB01361 3/6/2012
FOOCE, LONNIE R 11CRB01457 6/21/2013
FOWLER, BRIAN C 18CRB00303 3/13/2019
FOWLER, BRIAN C 19CRB00319 4/26/2019
FRADY, JAMES P 11TRD02481 9/15/2011
FRAZEE, CONNELL W 17CRB00449 5/9/2018
FRAZIER, MADISON W 16CRB00211 12/4/2017
FREED, KERRY J 19CRB00378 5/8/2019
FREEMAN, JAMES L 10CRB00515 6/8/2010
FULTON, TIFFANY A 18CRB01399 12/21/2018
GALLEGOS, GARTH L 16CRB00656 8/23/2016
GARRAD, SHAWN 18CRB01087 9/18/2018
GAULT, SHAWN M 17TRD01042 4/4/2017
GILBERT, KAITLYN M 18CRB01020 5/7/2019
GILLIS, BRYANNA 15CRB00527 7/21/2015
GOINES, MICHAEL C 19CRB00094 5/9/2019
GOODMAN, NICK M 15CRB00925 2/25/2016
GRAY, STEVEN 17TRD02133 6/20/2017
GREEN, ANTHONY Q 15CRB00309 6/19/2015
GREGG, PARKER N 18CRB01244 5/8/2019
GRENNELL, MICHAEL E 03TRC06127 12/10/2003
HALL, JORDAN M 15CRB00781 12/7/2015
HALL, JORDAN M 15TRD03241 12/7/2015
HAMILTON, WILLIAM A 15CRB00050 5/27/2015
HARTMAN, BRITTANY M 15CRB00154 4/28/2015
HEMSWORTH, TIMOTHY J 17CRB00616 10/24/2017
HESS, ANDREW S 17TRD00397 5/15/2017
HILL, ASIA L 14CRB00882 9/24/2014
HINKLE, VERNON 07CRB00088 5/7/2007
HODGE, RHONDA 10CRB00393 5/5/2010
HUGHES, DAKOTA M 18CRB00055 8/24/2018
HUGHES, DEWAYNE 18TRD04489 1/30/2019
INBODEN, ANDREA M 18TRD04825 12/19/2018
INGLES, JERRICA P 17CRB00976 10/16/2018
INGLES, JERRY A 19CRB00080 5/9/2019
INGLES, JERRY A 19CRB00343 5/9/2019
INGLES, KILEY B 12TRD02135 9/12/2012
INGLES, KILEY B 12TRD02154 8/10/2012
JAMES, IVN M 16TRD00284 2/4/2016
JAMES, JOSHUA E 17TRC01321 10/26/2017
JANUARY, MARK L 17CRB00012 1/4/2017
JENNINGS, DAVID B, II 09TRD00224 4/10/2009
JENSEN, CASSY R 17CRB01085 1/8/2018
JEWETT, KRISTY M 18CRB00204 3/7/2018
JONES, BRIAN K 18CRB00325 3/20/2018
JONES, BRIAN K 18CRB00335 3/26/2018
KEITH, DILLON T 18CRB01107 1/16/2019
KEITH, DILLON T 18TRC03606 1/16/2019
KEMP, SHANNON A 13TRD04666 1/7/2014
KIRK, KEENAN I 17CRB00840 8/7/2017
KIRKBRIDE, STACY R 16CRB00955 11/3/2016
KREPS, ERIC M 17CRB00953 8/29/2017
LANG, BRISCHEAU L 19CRB00354 4/16/2019
LARUE, JONATHAN M 19CRB00165 4/17/2019
LARUE, JONATHAN M 19TRC00578 4/17/2019
LEBLANC, JAMES C 13TRC02691 9/25/2013
LIGHT, TERRY J 16TRD00514 2/25/2016
LOGWOOD, JONATHAN P 11CRB00093 4/5/2011
LOY, RICHARD D 05CRB00377 4/6/2006
LUKER, ASHLEY N 19TRD01216 3/25/2019
LUTGEN, ERICA L 18CRB00431 6/21/2018
LYNN, DAKOTAH 19TRD00685 2/26/2019
MADDOX, ROBERT W 18TRD04677 12/11/2018
MAHATHIRATH, AARON S 13TRD03356 10/10/2013
MALONE, BOBBY J 17CRB00853 1/3/2018
MATHEWS, EDGAR G 06TRC03441 5/15/2008
MATTY, RICHARD D, JR 05TRC04256 2/6/2006
MAY, KYLE A 19TRD00392 2/1/2019
MCCLAIN, ROGER S 07TRC00012 2/5/2007
MCCLAIN, THOMAS C 17TRD02537 9/6/2017
MCGUIRE, GLEN M, JR 18CRB00676 6/15/2018
MCHONE, RICHARD 12CRB01014 12/26/2013
MCHONE, RICHARD A 13CRB00113 8/29/2013
MCKEE, CHRISTOPHER L 16TRD03070 9/1/2016
MCKEE, JASON D 19CRB00115 2/5/2019
MCKINNEY, CHAD E 14CRB00742 2/25/2015
MCKINNEY, CHAD E 14CRB01241 1/2/2015
MCKINNEY, MATTHEW L 08TRC01155 8/1/2008
MEADOWS, STEPHEN D 12TRD04481 1/8/2013
MENDOZA, LEOMEDES R 11TRD05696 2/29/2012
MESSENGER, SANDRA J 13CRB00546 3/12/2015
MESSINGER, CORBIN 19TRD00627 2/15/2019
MEZA-ZUBIETA, GENARO 16TRD00806 4/1/2016
MILLER, JUSTIN M 15CRB01112 1/14/2016
MILLER, NANCY 16CRB00519 7/14/2016
MILLER, RICHARD R 17CRB01110 12/5/2017
MILLER, STEPHANIE D 17CRB01015 9/26/2017
MITCHELL, COLETTE R 19TRD00850 3/1/2019
MOORE, MICHAEL 18TRD01581 5/14/2018
MOORE, RICHARD K 18CRB00519 7/11/2018
MOORE, WILLIE B 17CRB00540 8/9/2017
MORAN, AMBER D 13CRB00330 3/12/2015
MORRIS, BILLIE J 14CRB00595 10/3/2014
MORRIS, HARLEY R 14CRB00597 10/3/2014
MORRISON, CAMILE M 16CRB00039 9/29/2016
MURPHY, PATRICK L 19TRD00619 5/14/2019
NEFF, JAMES M, JR 08CRB00931 1/5/2009
NEWTON, TAMRA 09CRB00626 10/7/2011
NICKENS, RAYMOND T 18TRD01394 6/22/2018
NOBLE, KIMBERLY E 19CRB00219 3/5/2019
NOLAND, SARAH M 11CRB00438 9/15/2011
NORMAN, HEZEKIAH 18TRD01911 4/2/2019
OSBORN, SPENCER S 18CRB00725 6/22/2018
PADILLA, JUAN H 07TRC05442 1/14/2008
PARR, TODD A 19CRB00060 1/14/2019
PARTIN, KENNETH 09CRB01136 12/1/2009
PAULEY, RANDOLPH J, JR 13TRD03664 1/9/2014
PAYNE, JOHN E 13CRB00093 5/15/2015
PELLETIER, ROBERT J 13CRB00494 8/28/2013
PERRILL, NATHAN W 16TRC04266 6/21/2017
PHILLIPS, TODD 09TRC01404 9/9/2009
PICKLESIMER, DAVID I 14CRB00701 5/15/2015
PICKLESIMER, TIA M 16CRB01209 7/25/2017
POTES, FLETCHER M 19CRB00215 4/11/2019
POTES, FLETCHER M 19TRD00849 3/15/2019
POTES, FLETCHER M 19TRD01044 3/15/2019
POTES, FLETCHER M 19TRD01049 3/15/2019
PRICE, DARREN 12CRB00663 9/12/2012
PRINGLE, JOHN K 13CRB00799 4/6/2016
PUMPHREY, VIRGINIA A 18CRB00878 8/3/2018
QUINNIE, DEJUAN V 11TRD00587 4/5/2011
QUINONES, JOSE L 16TRC03440 4/9/2018
RAY, STEVEN D 18TRD04003 10/30/2018
REBER, COLLIN R 15CRB00582 10/26/2015
REED, KACY L 15CRB00410 5/12/2016
REGAN, JESSIE L 18TRD00025 7/9/2018
REICHARD, STEPHEN T 18TRD02310 6/22/2018
RENDEROW, JOSE E, JR 10TRD04437 12/6/2010
REYNOLDS, JERRICE J 14TRD01111 6/20/2014
RICHARD, JASON E 14TRD04348 11/24/2014
RIDGEWAY, ANDREW D 09CRB01037 7/28/2010
RILEY, AMY L 12TRD00770 5/25/2012
RILEY, CECILEE 10CRB01364 5/20/2013
RILEY, DOMINIQUE D 16CRB00478 6/30/2016
ROBERTS, ZACHARY S 13CRB00391 10/1/2014
ROBERTS, ZACHARY S 12CRB01300 12/5/2013
ROBERTS, ZACHARY S 13CRB01045 11/4/2013
RODRIGUEZ, MARTIN E 13CRB00969 12/9/2013
ROESING, KRISTY F 18CRB00046 6/28/2018
ROY, DARRIN R 14TRC03268 5/5/2015
RUIZ, HERCULANO, JR 10TRC02911 7/27/2010
SAINT CYR, STEVENS 16CRB00314 6/10/2016
SAINT CYR, STEVENS 16TRC00696 6/10/2016
SAINT CYR, STEVENS 16TRD01390 6/10/2016
SALVATO, TONI M 18CRB00017 5/16/2018
SCHARS, BROCK T 10CRB01363 1/26/2011
SCHNARS, MASON L 18CRB00831 9/13/2018
SCHORR, TERRY LEE 04TRC05241 5/11/2005
SECHREST, DOREEN M 06CRB00606 2/6/2007
SEGRAVES, ANDREW J 15CRB00854 10/29/2015
SHAFER, AMANDA N 19TRD01583 5/8/2019
SHAFER, AMANDA N 19CRB00429 5/3/2019
SHANNON, JOSHUA A 14TRC01116 5/15/2014
SHOMO, ELIZABETH 19CRB00171 3/1/2019
SHUE, TIMOTHY 07CRB00340 2/1/2008
SHUE, TIMOTHY 07CRB00586 10/17/2007
SHULL, NOAH C 18CRB01222 10/23/2018
SIEGRIST, GLEN P 19CRB00185 3/7/2019
SLOAN, BRUCE E 16TRD02205 6/16/2016
SMALLWOOD, DOMINIC M 16TRD00926 4/1/2016
SMALTZ, KENNETH K 18CRB01387 12/11/2018
SMALTZ, KENNETH K 18CRB01391 12/12/2018
SMITH, AMY L 19TRD00444 2/5/2019
SMITH, HARRY L, JR 18CRB01208 3/19/2019
SMITH, HARRY L, JR 18CRB01369 3/19/2019
SMITH, ROBERT E 17CRB00504 6/7/2017
SMITH, TROY M 06CRB01009 11/14/2006
SPEAKMAN, CHARLES J 05CRB00079 1/12/2006
SPRINGER, JUSTIN M 18TRC02926 3/14/2019
STAGGS, EVA D 13CRB00865 9/25/2014
STARR, THOMAS A 18CRB00057 1/16/2018
STEWART, JACOB R 18CRB00398 7/25/2018
STRADER, JAMES M 13CRB00953 9/27/2013
SUMMERLIN, MARSHA M 15CRB01041 2/25/2016
TAYLOR, RILEY L 15CRB00205 7/7/2015
TAYLOR, RILEY L 15TRD00995 7/7/2015
TEACH, DEREK 09TRD02938 8/3/2009
THOMAS, ANDRE A 17CRB01334 3/22/2018
TOMLIN, DAKOTA 17CRB01217 12/21/2017
TRICE, CHRISTOPHER J 19CRB00042 4/17/2019
TRISDALE, JERRY L 17TRC04019 12/4/2017
TUTOKI, GEORGE R, IV 11TRD05137 1/24/2012
UTT, SCOTT D 15CRB00094 9/1/2016
VANBIBBER, KEVIN L 17TRC02210 2/16/2018
WALKER, BRITTNEY D 12TRD01895 7/6/2012
WARD, TYLER A 15CRB01101 3/10/2016
WATKINS, MICHAEL W, JR 12TRD00458 2/29/2012
WEARS, ALLEN L 17CRB00839 5/16/2018
WEBER, GEORGE J, JR 14CRB00430 10/30/2014
WEBER, GEORGE J, JR 14CRB00768 10/30/2014
WELLS, MICHAEL W 15CRB00182 3/30/2016
WELLS, SARAH M 19CRB00214 4/11/2019
WHALEY, RICHARD T 15CRB00528 8/3/2015
WILKINSON, PERCY J 14TRD01188 6/20/2014
WILLIAMS, TEROD A 14CRB01110 11/20/2014
WILLIE, MARCUS D 18TRD03346 8/31/2018
WINEGAR, TRICIA L 18CRB01357 12/3/2018
WOLF, AMBER L 19CRB00320 4/26/2019
WOOD, JONATHAN M 12CRB01079 6/7/2013
WOODS, BONNIE L 16TRC04532 8/25/2017
WOOLEN, FAITH N 11TRC01134 4/27/2011
WOOLEN, FAITH N 11TRD00806 4/27/2011
WORKMAN, DAVID V 19TRD00016 5/1/2019
WORKMAN, DAVID V 19TRD01315 5/1/2019
WORLEY, DANNY L 15TRC04117 8/23/2016
YACYSZYN, ANDREW T 17CRB00472 5/25/2017
YACYSZYN, ANDREW T 17TRD01648 5/25/2017
YOUNG, JESSICA 09CRB00079 3/13/2009
ZORNES, PATRICIA L 08CRB00582 7/17/2008


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