12 Tips for Holiday Eating

It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season.

This combination of religious and national celebrations can help keep the cold winter away.

But the feasts and parties that mark it can tax the arteries and strain the waistline. By eating just 200 extra calories a day — a piece of pecan pie and a tumbler of eggnog here, a couple of latkes and some butter cookies there — you could pack on two to three pounds over this five- to six-week period.

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Surgery Beneficial for Some Children With Mild Sleep-Disordered Breathing

NIH-supported study shows better sleep, blood pressure after adenotonsillectomy.

Surgical removal of the tonsils and adenoids in children with snoring and mild breathing problems during sleep appears to improve their sleep, quality of life, and blood pressure a year after surgery, a clinical trial supported by the National Institutes of Health has found.Read full story

Decades After Blood Pressure-Related Pregnancy Complications, Hispanic/Latina Women Can Have Changes in Heart Structure and Function

Findings highlight importance of early monitoring and management of hypertension during and after pregnancy.

Hispanic/Latina women with a history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) – conditions marked by high blood pressure during pregnancy – are more likely to have abnormalities in their heart structure and function decades later when compared with women without a history of HDP, according to a National Institutes of Health-supported study.Read full story

Salty Immune Cells Surrounding the Brain Linked to Hypertension-Induced Dementia

NIH-funded study in mice offers possible new target for high blood pressure treatments.

A study supported by the National Institutes of Health suggests that the response of immune system cells inside the protective covering surrounding the brain may contribute to the cognitive decline that can occur in a person with chronic high blood pressure.Read full story

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Updated Resource to Support the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Education (the Departments) today announced the release of an updated joint-policy statement on supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood programs.

The HHS-ED Policy Statement on the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs builds upon a statement originally released in 2015 and includes a renewed commitment and urgency, as children with disabilities continue to face barriers accessing and fully participating in inclusive early childhood programs.

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Overdose Deaths Increased in Pregnant and Postpartum Women From Early 2018 to Late 2021


Among those aged 35 to 44, overdose mortality more than tripled during this period, NIH study reports.

Drug overdose deaths rose markedly between January to June 2018 and July to December 2021 among 10- to 44-year-old girls and women who were pregnant or pregnant within the previous 12 months, according to a new study by researchers at National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health.Read full story

More than 4.5 Million Select Affordable Health Coverage in ACA Marketplace Coverage Since Start of Open Enrollment Period

With four out of five people eligible for coverage at $10 or less per month, the Biden-Harris Administration urges

everyone to visit HealthCare.gov and sign up for high-quality, affordable health care

ACA Marketplace National Enrollment Snapshot

Approximately 4.6 million people have selected an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace plan since the 2024 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period (OEP) opened on November 1.

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KCH Earns National Recognition


November 20, 2023 – Mount Vernon, Ohio – Knox Community Hospital earned national recognition for its efforts to increase organ, eye, and tissue donor registrations through the 2023 DoNation Campaign.

The Campaign challenges hospitals and healthcare organizations to educate their staff, patients, visitors, and communities about the critical need for organ, eye, and tissue donation, including offering opportunities to register as organ donors.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is seasonal affective disorder?

Many people go through short periods when they feel sad or unlike their usual selves. Sometimes, these mood changes begin and end when the seasons change. Many people feel “down” or have the “winter blues” when the days get shorter in the fall and winter and feel better in the spring when longer daylight hours return.Read full story

Breaking Language Barriers: Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Plan to Address Language Barriers and Strengthen Language Access

The HHS Language Access Plan is a critical step toward making health care and human services accessible to all;

it represents a commitment to equal opportunities and improved health care for all Americans.

Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took the next step in working to ensure greater access to the life-saving services that it provides for people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and people with disabilities.

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