Award-Winning Author Alison Stine Discusses Futuristic Novel “Trashlands” at the Public Library on Tuesday, June 21

June 1, 2022, MOUNT VERNON, OHIO— The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County welcomes Appalachian author Alison Stine on Tuesday, June 21 as part of our “Ohio Writer Series.” Mocktails will be served, followed by a reading and discussion of Alison Stine’s novel, Trashlands, moderated by Orchid Tierney, professor of English at Kenyon College.… Read full story

Public Library’s ARPA Outreach Grant Provides $53,542 for New Bookmobile and Technology Support for Outreach Services


April 1, 2022, MOUNT VERNON, OHIO—While it might be easy to picture a postal carrier or delivery driver combating rain, sleet, and snow or slogging through the mud to reach customers across the county, many people might not realize that a small department of dedicated Public Library employees does the same work, in equally challenging conditions.… Read full story