Article Correction – The Mount Vernon Police Register, April 09, 2018 – Ann Tope

In the Mount Vernon Police Register, dated April 09, 2018, we incorrectly reported an incident regarding Ann Tope. The article stated that Ms. Tope was charged with “drug abuse and possessing drug abuse instruments” on April 6th, 2018. This was an error on our part, and we accept full responsibility for this mistake. … Read full story

Merry Christmas!

The staff of The Mount Vernon Grapevine would like to thank all of our readers for what will soon be another year together in our community. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. It is Christmas, the snow is here, and it is time to bask in the company of family and friends, reliving the magic of Christmas through our children, grandchildren, and perhaps even great grandchildren.… Read full story