Ratcliff Surrenders to Law Enforcement

May 30, 2024 – At approximately 2:22 PM deputies responded to the Harcourt Motel after receiving information that someone with an active warrant was possibly staying in one of the rooms. When deputies made initial contact with the suspect, he made threats to use force against the officers and they heard what sounded like him loading a firearm. Deputies backed away and were able to establish phone contact.

After three hours of negotiations, and the deployment of less lethal munitions, similar to pepper spray, Forty-three-year-old Travis Ratcliff of Mount Vernon, surrendered and was taken into custody. Mr. Ratcliff has a warrant from the Adult Parole Authority, and pending charges for aggravating possession of drugs and aggravated trafficking of drugs.

Deputies transported Ratcliff to the Knox County Jail. The case remains under investigation. The Mount Vernon Police and Fire Departments provided assistance at the scene.